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FREQAX is the indelible moniker that houses the searing frequencies of Romanian producer Adrian Andrei, a sonic creator enriched with a wide array of inspirations that have emerged in transcendently heavy forms through his many productions. The Freqax entity emerged through its first label platform in 2009, with the release of ‘The Man with no Faith’ on Sinuous Recordings, during the first phase of the project, during which Freqax consisted of 2 members (the 2nd member – Adrenalina – left the project in 2012). Since that first release, the frequency and quality of the project’s output has evolved mercilessly, with singles and EPs on some of the decade’s most revered and hard-hitting drum & bass labels including PRSPCT, OTHERCIDE, ALGORYTHM, YELLOW STRIPE and FORBIDDEN SOCIETY RECORDINGS, as well as numerous consistent and rising imprints. The roots of his musical interests grew from authentic rave foundations through a love of The Prodigy’s music in ’94, exposure to which stimulated an interest in the production process and a fascination with the feelings that electronic music elicited. Soon after he acquired his first PC and a basic DAW that enabled the first forays into the creating which led to pursuing more advanced software – first Fruity Loops and then Reason, on which he developed most of the Freqax releases to date. In 2016 and a switch to Cubase, he found the deepest technological inspiration yet, which led to him quickly writing 15 killer tracks, many of which formed the basis of his much-lauded ‘MEANT TO BELIEVE’ LP on Othercide Records. Within the last 12 months alone, Freqax has released more than 33 tracks, with collaborations from fellow leading producers in drum & bass, including Counterstrike, Katharsys and Sinister Sounds, as well as remixing Agressor Bunx, Anatomix and Brainpan. The ‘Meant to Believe’ LP saw support on Noisia radio, and club play from a staller array or artists including The Upbeats, Dieselboy, Misanthrop, Evol Intent, Jade and Mind Vortex. His commitment to building sonically superior audio with a direct focus on evolving musical ideas riveted by brutal percussive spines consistently shines through. With a fresh LP in the works, and consistency in his flow of deafeningly immaculate ideas – Freqax is set to continue his devastation of the scene.


  • Very good quality sounding sample pack. I really like the difference in sound between the elements, they give a really good variety of sound. Bass elements have been processed with a subtle saturation and a great warmth resulting in an very cool sound with a nice hint of organic touch combined with the heavy distortion. The Lead and Pad folders contains an excellent range of leads and pads which have a very nice dark feeling, fat sounding elements, very well processed. It sounds like they were made on hardware! Some of these have cinematic qualities while others have more of an upfront sound and complement or contrast with the Arps very well. The sound of Atmos is best described as refined, deep and nuanced. It just sounds very new and veers away from cheesy, hyped pads and overly designed textures. It's a pity there is no Drums folder in the pack, I'm sure that would have brought this sample pack a 10 outta 10 stars.

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